Teacher Mama: Magnetic Place Value “Blocks” {After School Linky}

FREE Magnetic Place Value “Blocks”

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Magnetic Place Value Blocks

I am quite sure I have mentioned this before and will say it again. One of my favorite things to teach my first graders is place value. There are so many games, songs and activities out there to help students understand place value. One of my favorite tools for this are my magnetic place value blocks. I am sure you can buy these somewhere and that they probably cost a pretty penny, but these work really well and the cost is minimal.

Note: Want to know more about place value? See our post, A Place Value Primer.




laminator, packing tape, or contact paper

magnetic tape


Creating the “Blocks”

Print the FREE place value magnetic blocks templates.  Click the image below to download.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Magnetic Place Value Blocks


Copy the templates onto card stock for durability. Make as many copies of each page as you need.

Cut out the individual pieces.

Laminate the pieces.

Affix magnetic tape to the back of each piece.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Magnetic Place Value Blocks 2

Using the “Blocks”

The “blocks” are now completed and ready for use in your classroom or home.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Magnetic Place Value Blocks 3

 There are a ton of ways to use these “blocks’ from simply introducing them to a group for the first time to using them to help solve problems.   Here is one example of how I used them in my class this week:

We are learning about regrouping so we used our magnetic place value blocks to go through the steps to solve a regrouping problem before doing it on paper.

First we created the math problem on the board using the magnetic place value blocks.

Boy Mama  Teacher Mama  Magnetic Place Value Blocks 5

We then “slid” all the ones down and grouped them together.

Boy Mama  Teacher Mama  Magnetic Place Value Blocks

We separated ten ones from the group.

Boy Mama  Teacher Mama  Magnetic Place Value Blocks 6

and then traded the ones for a ten and moved the ten to the tens column.

Boy Mama  Teacher Mama  Magnetic Place Value Blocks 9

Then we brought down all the tens and counted the tens and ones to get our answer.

Boy Mama  Teacher Mama  Magnetic Place Value Blocks 10

Other ideas for using magnetic place value blocks:

Roll to a Ten (Fifty or Hundred):  See our  post, FREE Roll to a Ten, A Beginning Place Value Game, for the directions to play only use your magnetic place value blocks instead of the game board.

Make a Number: Create a hundreds chart on the board.  Choose a card from a deck (numbers 1-9) or roll a die and place the correct number of blocks in either the ones, tens or hundreds place. Try to make the biggest or smallest number you can.




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