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Days of the Week Slide

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Days of the Week Slide

I am working on the days of the week with my son.  I wanted to provide him with something very visual and something he could manipulate, so I created this Days of the Week Slide.


Print this template by clicking on the image.

Cut out a piece of cardboard (I used an empty cereal box)  a bit wider  than the width of the yesterday/today/tomorrow segment of the template.

Next, cut out all three rows just along the black lines so you end up with three strips as shown below.

Glue the yesterday/today/tomorrow segment of the template onto the cardboard.

Cut slits on each side of the cardboard about an inch or so from the edge. Reinforce the edges with some clear tape.

Take the two days of the week segments and glue them into one continuous strip as shown below.

Slide one end of the days of the week strip through each slit so that the words show on top of the cardboard.  Wrap the rest of the strip loosely around the back to creating a loop and tape the edges together.  The finished product should look like this:

Now every morning when we wake up, my son simply slides the loop one day to the left and we read, “Today is Tuesday. Yesterday was Monday and tomorrow will be Wednesday.”  Such a simple way to practice something so important.

A few other ideas:

  • There are so many songs that teach the days of the week. Our favorite is the Imagination Mover’s song, Seven Days a Week, from the album Juicebox Heroes.
  • A friend of mine just told me about this days of the week song sung to the tune of the Aadam’s Family theme song.  Here are the lyrics if you are interested:

Days of the week, (snap snap)
Days of the week, (snap snap)
Days of the week,
Days of the week,
Days of the week. (snap snap)

There’s Sunday and there’s Monday,
There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday,
There’s Thursday and there’s Friday,
And then there’s Saturday.

Days of the week, (snap snap)
Days of the week, (snap snap)
Days of the week,
Days of the week,
Days of the week. (snap snap)

Some books about Days of the Week:

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  2. The slider is such a clever idea! A very elegant solution to the problem of fiddling with cards and pocket charts. I’m about to start the year with a class of preschoolers and this is fantastic! Thank you for sharing 😉

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