Boy Mama: Water Bottle Fountains from Learn with Play @ Home

I saw this great idea on Learn with Play @ Home and had to try it with my boys.  I decided to do it in the tub so the boys wouldn’t have to worry about spilling and I would have less clean-up when it was all over. I prepared the bottles as directed by Learn with Play @ Home.  The boys were dying to get their hands on the bottles and find out just what they could do. I told them that once they were in the tub and sitting down, they could have their bottles. Man, they practically dove in!!

To say that this activity was a hit doesn’t even do it justice!  My boys LOVED it!    My youngest spent the whole time pouring water into the bottle and watching it pour out. That was plenty for  him. My eldest was full of ideas and questions.  He made predictions and tested them out.  He tried out different ways to change what was happening- he blew on the water spout, blew in the bottle, added funnels and even added bubbles. At one point, he placed a plastic cup under the spout, filled it up, added some bubbles on top and announced, “Small frappuccino!”  🙂

About halfway through their play, my eldest son looked at me and said, “This is one cool contraption you made here, Mom.”  Need I say more?     

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