Boy Mama: Octonauts Birthday Magnets

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Octonauts Birthday Magnets

Boy Mama: Octonauts Birthday Magnets

I love magnets. In fact I have collected them for years. I decided to add to our collection with an Octonauts birthday magnet “commemorating” my son’s 4th birthday.


  • magnet sheets or other magnets
  • computer/printer
  • image of choice
  • scissors
  • glue stick


Create an image you would like on your magnets. Below is the image I used. The actually Kwazii image is from Wonders of Disney site and the clip art is FREE!

Boy Mama: Octonauts Birthday Magnets

I had a bunch of advertising magnets- you know the ones that come in the mail and are left on your doorstep. I always save them and finally had a chance to use them with this project.

Boy Mama: Octonauts Birthday Magnets

Unfortunately, I did not have enough so I bought some magnet sheets at our local craft store for the rest.

Boy Mama: Octonauts Birthday Magnets

The magnetic sheets have a sticky side so it is easy to simply affix the images to the magnet sheet.Boy Mama: Octonauts Birthday Magnets

With the other magnets, however, I had to glue the images on with a glue stick.

Boy Mama: Octonauts Birthday Magnets

Once all the images were stuck where they needed to be, I simply cut them out and they were ready for the goody bags and for my magnet collection!

magnetsBoy Mama: Octonauts Birthday Magnets

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4 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Octonauts Birthday Magnets

  1. Can you tell me what font you used for the magnets? I can’t find an Octonauts font that looks close enough and am trying to make things for our 4 years olds Octonauts party. Great posting by the way!

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