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How to Make an Octonauts’ Hat

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | How to Make an Octonauts' Hat

We had a big birthday this past weekend. My youngest turned 4 and we had a Octonauts Party to celebrate. One of the big hits was the Octonaut hats we made. Here is how we made them for all you Octonaut fans out there!


  • “Octonaut Blue” aka turquoise craft paper
  • white craft paper
  • Elmer’s glue
  • scissors
  • computer/printer
  • empty cereal box or other cardboard
  • navy blue cording (available at craft stores by the yard)
  • elastic or ribbon


The first thing I did was find an image of the hat online. I simply Googled “Octonauts hats” and found this image. I placed it in a word document, enlarged it to the size I wanted and printed out TWO copies. I cut the bottom part of the hat out from one copy and the top from another copy. Below is what it looked like after cutting.

hat 1

 Next, I glued the pieces onto an empty cereal box to create a stencil.


 Then I used the stencils to cut out the enough tops and bottoms for our guests.

blue stencil hat


I then cut a slit in the botton of the hat where the top of the hat will slide in. I used an exacto-knife for easier cutting.

cut hat


I outlined the trim of the hat with Elmer’s glue and attached some of the blue cording.  I left a little bit extra cording on each end so I could tape it on the back instead of cutting it and having it fray.

glue cord

 I then slid the top of the hat into the bottom part of the hat.

slide top

 While the glue was drying, I used the same technique as above to create the Octonauts logo. I searched for an image I liked, put it in a word document and enlarged it to the size I wanted. Then I glued it to the empty cereal box and cut it out.  This was now my stencil for the logo. I traced the logo onto white cardstock, cut it out and glued it to the hat. I used a hole punch and the blue paper to make the eyes and mouth. When everything was dry, I attached elastic to the back so the children could wear their hats during the party.

make symbol

And that, me hearties, is how we made our Octonauts’ hats.



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