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Kwazii Kitten Pirate Flag Shirt

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Kwazii Kitten Pirate Shirt

Last year at my youngest’s birthday party, I took the image from his invitation, made it into an iron-on and created a t-shirt for him to wear. It was great for the big day, but with a wash or two the image was practically gone. So, for this party, I decided I would do something that would last a bit longer. Hopefully. 🙂


  • plain, white t-shirt
  • black and white fabric
  • black and white thread
  • fusible webbing (Steam-a-Seam)
  • stabalizer


I am sorry to say that I did not take any pictures as I made this project. So, you will have to do with my explanation only….

  1. Iron both the black and white fabrics. Cut the black fabric for the flag to your desired size. I made ours just a bit smaller than a piece of 8.5 by 11 piece of paper.
  2. Find a image on the web that you like. I searched for “Kwazii kitten flag” and came up with several options. Here is the link.
  3. After choosing the image I liked. I copied it into a word processing document and made it the correct size to fit my flag. It took a few tries to get it exactly right, but I finally settled on a size that fit the black flag I had cut earlier.
  4. I printed out the image then traced the image onto the sticky side of the Steam-a-Seam Fusible webbing using a Sharpie so it wouldn’t come off on my iron or the fabric. While tracing, I traced all the parts that were to be black on one sheet and all the things that would be white on another.
  5. I then ironed the pieces (as per instructions on webbing) onto the correct color and cut them out.
  6. Next I ironed the pieces onto the flag.
  7. Once the flag was done, I used another sheet of the fusible webbing to attach the flag to the t-shirt.
  8. Finally, I used some temporary adhesive spray to attach some stabilizer/fusible interfacing to the inside of the shirt and sewed the flag and all the different parts to the shirt.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Kwazii Kitten Pirate Shirt

The final product turned out really well and my boys (one for the birthday boy and one for brother of course) are excited to wear them for the party this weekend.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Kwazii Kitten Pirate Shirt

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