Boy Mama: Planting Felt Flowers

Planting Felt Flowers


I have been working on this post for what seems like forever. My biggest problem was I couldn’t get my pictures right!  So, I apologize in advance for the less than fantastic photos. But the craft itself was really fun to do and my boys are enjoying playing with it….


  • colored felt
  • pipe cleaners
  • large popsicle sticks
  • green and brown paint
  • scissors
  • hot glue/hot glue gun
  • empty box
  • pencil

Mama’s Directions:

I first Googled flower templates and searched until I found one that I liked.  I printed it, glued it to some cardboard and then cut it out. This became my template for my flowers.

I then traced the template onto a few different colors of felt making sure I had at least two of each color for the back and front of the flower. I then cut the flowers out.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Planting Felt Flowers

Using my hot glue gun, I placed one flower piece on top of another and glued them together. Once the two pieces were together, I pinched them a bit so they were not totally flat. I also left an opening in the bottom of the flower for the stem.

PicMonkey Collage

We then painted a handful of popsicle sticks green for the stems of the flowers. We used acrylic paints, but regular paints would work as well.



To create the stigma or the thing that sticks out :), take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around a pencil as shown in the picture below. Then carefully remove the pipe cleaner from the pencil.

pipe cleaner twist

Trim a bit off the end of the pipe cleaner so you are left only a few inches of straight pipe cleaner below the curly portion.


Then, using the hot glue, attach the pipe cleaner to the popsicle stick as shown below.

IMG_1050Then insert the stick into the flower and position it so the stigma or curly part sticks out. Use the hot glue to attach the popsicle stick to the flower and to close the hole in the bottom of the flower.

flowers doneYou can make as many or as few as you like.  We made 4 flowers in all.

more flowersWe then painted a small box brown to be the dirt or ground for our flowers.

box paintingWhen the box was dry, I cut several slits in the top using an exacto-knife.  These slits are where the flowers would be “planted.”


And then we were ready to “plant” our felt flowers!

planting flowers


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