Teacher Mama: Million Dollar Classmate Writing Activity

Million Dollar Classmate

This week in first grade we are stopping our usual curriculum to talk about friendship.  There are, as there always is, friendship issues arising on a daily basis. We have a whole host of activities planned to help our students, but this is one of my favorites.

This activity is called, Million Dollar Classmate, and the objective is to get students who do not really know each other that well to spend some time together, ask a few questions and create something as a team.

Million Dollar Classmate

Students are paired up by the teacher.  This is done by the teacher so the students who are paired up are not kids who typically spend much time together.  This way, the activity provides a means for the two children to talk, hopefully discover somethings they have in common and perhaps begin to form a new friendship or at least an new understanding of the other person.

The students interview each other using the interview form.  These questions can really be about anything, but these are the ones we used.

After the interviewing is over, the students complete the front and back of the million dollar bill about their partners.


The student’s first name goes on the first line and the last on the second line.  A drawing of the student goes in the middle.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Million Dollar Classmate2 Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Million Dollar Classmate


The interview information is written in paragraph form on the back.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Million Dollar Classmate2

Here is a sample finished product:

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Million Dollar Classmate

What do you think??

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