Boy Mama: Baby Duck Cookies for Spring

Baby Duck Cookies for Spring

boy mama teacher mama baby duck cookies


We found an adorable baby duck cookie cutter the other day at Cost Plus World Market and I just couldn’t resist buying it (I am a sucker for cute cookie cutters).  I also found these candy eyes and grabbed a package to try out as well.

boy mama teacher mama

The boys and I whipped up a batch of our favorite sugar cookie dough and began cutting the cookies. My eldest did a great job with the cookie cutters while my youngest mostly just ate cookie dough….

boy mama teacher mama baker's helpersAfter the cookies were baked and cooled, we made a batch of frosting.  My boys wanted blue frosting and I wanted yellow so we made a little of each. Then we frosted! The boys had fun piling the frosting on the cookies.  boy mama teacher mama kid cookie

While I was a bit more meticulous and created these baby ducks…

boy mama teacher mama baby ducks

Aren’t they adorable???

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