Boy Mama: Our “Out and About” Activity Bag and Activity Sheets

Out and About” Activity Bag and Activity Sheets

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I am pretty proud of the Out and About Activity Bag I have for my boys. Creating this bag has been a process over the years as it has changed as the boys have grown.  I think we are finally at a place where the boys enjoy the same things so what is in the bag is appropriate for them both.

The Bag

I found a extra long pencil case at the grocery store a while back. I like to keep blank paper in my activity bag so this was  the perfect length. One quick hot dog fold and the papers slip right in. I found a smaller version of the pencil case that I picked up as well.

What’s Inside?

I do not have a ton of stuff in our bag. By this time, I am pretty sure what will keep my boys occupied and what won’t.  That said, here is what we have:

markers and crayons (both of which are stored in the smaller pencil case)

small cars (I DO have 2 boys after all)


blank paper

My Favorite Recent Addition

Every time we go out to eat, I end up drawing a race track or roads for my boys to drive their mini-cars on. I decided why not add some “scenes” to the bag. So, I made a race track and a road scene. The roads are big enough for their mini-cars and fit nicely in our activity bag.

My eldest was watching me while I was creating these pages and he was SO excited. He asked me to immediately print them so he could try them out. We were at home at the time and he decided to paint this scene….

Well, once I start something, I have trouble stopping. So, we now have several different scenes to choose from. I keep 2 of each scene and  in our Out and About Activity Bag so they are ready when we need them.

Here are a few other samples:

My boys love these activity sheets. We shared them with some friends last weekend while waiting in a restaurant and they loved them too. We moms loved them too- they kept the kids calm, busy and engaged until our food came. And, once the food was gone, the kids went right back to work.

Of course, what they do with the sheets is up to them and each child will do it differently.  Here is how one of my boys drew the city.

Here is how I filled my jars. 🙂

So far, there are 8 activity sheets in our collection, although I am always adding more.  Here is what the whole set looks like:

Now 12…. 🙂

Note: These activity sheets are also great to use in the classroom for students who finish their work early and are looking for something to do.

And You?

What do you have in your bag to entertain your children while you wait?

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