Boy Mama: Simple, But Fun: Styrofoam, Toothpicks and Hammers

Fun with Styrofoam, Toothpicks and Hammers

The boys were getting restless and I needed something quick and something fun to get them focused and calmed down. I mentally scanned the craft closet– styrofoam! They boys love playing with styrofoam (and I hate cleaning it up) so I grabbed some styrofoam shapes from the closet, some toothpicks from the kitchen, set them on the table and let the boys go at it.  Once again, styrofoam did not fail me. They loved it and they spent quite a bit of time pushing the toothpicks into the shapes. Then my youngest ran (yes, ran) to his room and came out with our play tools and the activity moved to a whole different level- the toothpicks were now being hammered into the styrofoam, the drill was (sort-of) drilling holes and the screwdriver was doing the same.  They tried sawing it, but the saw wasn’t sharp enough.  The last thing we added to the mix were some small cupcake papers. My youngest sorted the little pieces he had cut off the foam and put them in the papers.  Here are some pictures of the fun.

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7 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Simple, But Fun: Styrofoam, Toothpicks and Hammers

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  2. Great idea!Certainly an age appropriate activity and I would love to add this to our classroom activity. Thanks and God bless you!

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