Boy Mama: Jack-o-Lantern, Jack-o-Lantern Song and Book (Freebie!)

Jack-o-Lantern, Jack-o-Lantern Song and Book

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | FREE Jack-o-Lanter Jack-o-Lantern Book

In honor of my favorite holiday, I have created a FREE book to go with my favorite Halloween Song/Rhyme, “Jack-o-Lantern, Jack-o-Lantern.”  I have tried to find a video or sound clip to share with the book for those of you who do not know the tune, but have had no luck.  So, if you don’t know the tune, you can just say it!

Since this post first went live, this song and book have become a favorite of my youngest son.  He goes through spurts where he wants to sing it all the time and carries it where ever he goes!!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Jack-o-lantern, Jack-o-lantern Song and Book

Happy Halloween from Boy Mama Teacher Mama!!

To download the free book, click the link below:

Jack-o-Lantern, Jack-o-Lantern Book from Boy Mama Teacher Mama


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