Boy Mama: Simple, But Festive: A Halloween Gathering

Halloween is not a big deal in Australia.  You see a celebration here or there, but it is not what it is back home in the States.  Last year was our first Halloween away from home and it is probably a bit of an understatement to say that I missed having Halloween American style.  So, I decided to have a small gathering to celebrate the holiday and invited a few friends and their kids to our home.  Most of the kids were pretty young so costumes were optional and not at all scary and the kids just played while the grown-ups enjoyed eachother’s company. From that party came a few good ideas (I think) that I am going to pass a long to you all in case you are planning a gathering or need something to take to a school party.


First I want to share the invitation.  I had so much fun making this. I love all the colors associated with Halloween and enjoyed using them to create a cute, rather than a creepy, invitation.

This image shows the back and front of the invitation.


White Chocolate Pretzels

Melt some white chocolate according to the directions on the bag, dip half of each pretzel in the white chocolate and then sprinkle the pretzels with Halloween themed sprinkles.

Halloween Bark

Melt white chocolate, spread it evenly in a shallow baking dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray. Sprinkle with Halloween themed sprinkles and allow to cool. Break into desired size pieces and serve.

Halloween Cheese Crackers

I used my favorite cheese cracker recipe (Boy Mama: Homemade Goldfish Crackers) and cut the dough with Halloween cookie cutters.

Scarecrow Mix

I found this recipe for Scarecrow Crunch on Pinterest.  I love how simple and tasty it is. I have since made it several times with various themes. In a large bowl combine pretzels, popcorn, teddy bear cookies, peanut m&ms and candy corn.

Jack-o-Lantern Cookies

Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut the dough with a pumpkin cookie cutter. Mix some orange, black and green frosting and decorate.


Halloween Playdough

I made a few batches of uncooked playdough and colored half of it orange and half of it black. I then divided each color into 5 pieces and put one piece of each color into a small plastic container and added a label (see below). When the party was over, each guest took home some Halloween Playdough instead of a goodie bag. I also set out some dough with cookie cutters for the children to play with during the party.


Boo Boxes

I found this idea for Boo Boxes on Pinterest and knew I had to try them. For directions click here. They turned out so well and were the perfect decoration for our simple Halloween gathering.

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So that was last year’s Halloween gathering in a nutshell. Not sure what this year will bring, but when I know, you all will be the first I tell. 🙂

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