Boy Mama: Halloween Candy Graphing


Halloween Candy Graphing


This was always a huge hit with my students during the Halloween season.

What child doesn’t love to play with their food???


small cup or bag of m&ms per child.

m&m graph paper (1 per child)

color pencils, crayons or markers

clean hands!! 🙂


Have each child open their bag or m&ms and place them on their paper where it says, “Place m&ms here.”

Then follow the directions below…

When the graph is complete, have each child answer the three questions on the right side of the graph.

Which color did they have the most of?

Which color did they have the least of?

Which colors (if any) did they have the same amount of?

When all the children are finished, come together as a group and discuss the results. Which colors the did the whole class have the most, least and same of?  Create a large class graph and have all the children record their information.

Want to have some more m&m fun?

Create your own bag of m&ms:  Provide each student with a set of circles and the m&m paper “wrapper” (see below). Have each child create their own bag of m&ms using 5 colors of their choice and the number of each color they want in the bag.  And don’t forget to put their first initial on each piece of candy and on the wrapper!  Here is my sample of s&s (my name is Stephanie).

My Very Own Bag of m&ms

Print and cut the templates.

Color and cut out the candies.  Put the first letter of the child’s name on each piece of candy like the “m” on m&ms.

Tape (or staple) the edges of the 2 wrappers together leaving one end open. Fill in the blanks on the wrapper with a white gel pen or with white stickers. Put the candies inside.

Use this bag of candy to do the graphing activity above.  You can also try counting games, color recognition and patterning using the paper candies.

This activity is available at the following link:

m&m Candy Graphing Activity

* * * * *

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