Boy Mama: The Sneakiest Halloween “Costume” Around…

The Sneakiest Halloween Costume AroundBoy Mama Teacher Mama

My son has refused to wear a Halloween costume for what seems like forever (even though he is only almost 6).  Every year we would dutifully pick out the costume he wanted and he would be SO excited to have it. But to actually wear it, was a whole different story.  I had to bribe him every year to put the costume on so I could get a picture or two and then it was immediately taken off.  Needless to say our family Halloween photo collection is quite scant and the photos look almost painful.  So, one year I had enough.  I wanted him to look festive, but I didn’t want him to know he was. So I bought a black shirt from Old Navy, some white fabric from Joanns’ and made our very own “Boo Shirt.”  Here is how I did it.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Easiest Halloween Costume Ever


  • long sleeve, black shirt (orange would be work too)
  • white fabric (1/4 yard is plenty)
  • white thread
  • sewing machine
  • fusible webbing
  • stabilizer
  • computer, printer
  • scissors
  • iron


First chose the font that you like, type the word “BOO!” and then followed the directions in our post, Boy Mama: Picture Perfect Letters.  Stop at step 7 and follow the rest of the following directions.

I liked this basic font. When making the letters for the shirt I ignored the hearts in the middle of the letters and just used the outline of the letters. I also used a circle instead of the heart for the exclamation point.

Once the word is flipped horizontally and printed on paper, trace the letters onto the non-sticky side of the fusible webbing using a permanent marker (or it will come off when you iron it.)

Warm up your iron (turn off the steam setting).  Iron the fusible webbing with the letters onto the wrong side of the fabric (although with the white fabric it won’t make much difference). Allow to cool.

This is my favorite fusible webbing, but there are many different kinds available.

Cut the letters out leaving the backing from the webbing attached to the fabric for the time being.

Peel the backing off the letters and iron the letters into place on the t-shirt. Suggestion: Place a piece of cardboard or paper inside the t-shirt to assure that the two sides do not stick together.

At this point, you can choose to leave it as it, consider it done and not be concerned that the letters will eventually wash off in time OR you can sew the letters to the shirt. I chose the later.

Once the letters are ironed into place, place a piece of stabilizer behind the letters inside the t-shirt (this makes the fabric stable so you can sew the letters on).  Sew the letters onto the shirt following the directions for your sewing machine.

My favorite stabilizer by Sulky.

Peel away the excess stabilizer and voila! An easy, but festive Halloween costume.

If you want more detailed directions for using the fusible webbing, click here for a tutorial.

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