Book Mama: Guys Read Series- Good Reads for Boys (Grades 5-9)

Guys Read Series- Good Reads for Boys

(Grades 5-9)


Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Books for Middle School Boys


What will get my middle school aged son reading?

Here’s an idea….


Note: These books and others like it can be found at BMTM’s Bookstore. Click the image below.  Search under “books for older boys.”

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If you have older boys (grade 5-9) these books sound like a sure hit! The Guys Read Library is a multi-volume set of short stories written by such authors as Walter Dean Myers, Avi and Stephen King.  Each book features ten original stories and are a great introduction to authors and illustrators that boys will want to read again and again.

These are the titles that are currently available. More on the way!

While you are checking out the Guys Read Library, take a look at this book too. What boy doesn’t want to read about being, well, a boy?
(grades 6-9)
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