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Guys Read and Jon Scieszka

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As a parent of boys this site is a must.  Guysread.com is a web based literacy program for boys developed by Jon Scieszka (author of The Stinky Cheeseman, The Time Warp Trio series and the Trucktown series for young children). The mission of guysread.com is “to help boys become self-motivated, life-long readers.” The site if full of wonderful resources, information and book lists galore.

While you are at it, if you haven’t checked out Jon Scieszka’s books do it! They are funny, wacky and perfect for boys of any age. The Trucktown series for young children is a favorite in our home.  The series features a “gang” of trucks who have all kinds of fun and adventures in “Trucktown.” Boys will love the trucks as they “Smash! Crash!” The illustrations are wonderfully detailed and the text is simple enough for young children to understand and beginning readers to read themselves. The series has even added some easy readers for children learning to read.  The website, www.trucktown.com, is loaded with fun and games based on the books.

Finding good books for boys to read when transitioning from early readers to chapter books is not an easy task. There are so many choices out there for girls, but for boys, the choices are rather limited. Thankfully, Scieszka created a series called, Time Warp Trio, about three boys who receive a magical book that can transport them anywhere in time or space. The books have cool covers, short chapters with a mix of text and illustrations. The plot is fast-paced, uses cliff hangers at the end of chapters, and include funny, odd and gross bits of history– all the things boys want in a book. There is a site dedicated to the trio at http://www.timewarptrio.com/
Other books by Scieszka:
  • The Stinky Cheeseman and Other Fairly Stupid Fairy Tales
  • The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
  • A Wolf’s Tale
  • 3 Pigs
  • The Frog Prince Continued
  • The Book that Jack Wrote
  • Math Curse
  • Science Verse
  • Squids Will Be Squids
Happy Reading!
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