Book Mama: Truckery Rhymes

As you know from a previous post, I am a huge fan of Jon Scieszka’s books.  My boys are also huge fans, although they don’t know Scieszka’s books by his name, but instead by the stories he tells. The Trucktown series has been one of the best additions to our home library.  A whole series all about  some wacky trucks and their adventures in a place called Trucktown.  The stories include such characters as Dump Truck Dan, Rescue Rita, Monster Truck Max and Cement Mixer Melvin each of  which has his or her own personality.  The series includes picture books such as Smash! Crash! and Melvin Might as well as what they call, “Ready to Roll” books (beginning readers) such as Zoom! Boom! Bully and Snow Trucking. These books incorporate wonderful rhymes, simple, repetitive text, fantastic illustrations and lots of action.  All the things little boys love in books and, the things that make them want to read and keep reading. The series is growing and plans for more books are in the works.

But by far our favorite Trucktown book is called, Truckery Rhymes. This is a collection of traditional rhymes rewritten using the Trucktown characters and all things truck.  The whole book can be read in one sitting or read over time.  The rhymes are catchy and we find ourselves singing them throughout our day.  The colorful, cartoon-like pictures very detailed and great fun to look at.

This is one of our favorite rhymes in the book. It is sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Rumble, Rumble, Monster Max
Rumble, rumble, Monster Max.
Can you jump those junkyard stacks?
Up above the trash so high,
Like a rocket in the sky.
Rumble, rumble, Monster Max.
Yep, he  jumped those junkyard stacks

This version of Rock-a-Bye Baby has replaced the original nursery rhyme as a favorite for my youngest son at bedtime.

Rock-a-Bye Mixer
Rock-a-bye mixer at the stie top.
When the wind blows, the building will rock.
When the beam breaks, the mixer will fall.
And down will come Melvin–
           bricks, beams, and all.

So if you have little boys who love trucks as much as mine and, you want to keep them interested in books and inspire them to become readers- these books are a must for your home library!

Watch Jon Scieszka read his favorite Truckery Rhymes:

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