Boy Mama: Real Life Wednesday- That’s Quite a Stack…of Books!

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I walked past the boys’ bathroom yesterday and saw this. Now this is not an unusual sight in my house, but at that moment,  my camera called to me and said, “You must take a picture of this.”  So, of course I did.  You may be wondering what the big deal about a stack of books is, but there IS more to this story….

My almost 6 six year old was fantastic to potty train.  I had a big celebration day, hung up signs and checked out a tons of potty books from the library. I made a sign that said, “Happy Potty Training Day!”  We had been using the potty for a while, but this was it. We were potty training. I set up the little potty in the living room and stacked some books about fire engines next to it. I told my son that he was going to be potty trained. He sat right down on the potty, picked up each book read through it, put it back down and took the next until he had gone through the pile. Then he stood up, pulled up his pants and declared, “I am done potty training!” And you know what the craziest part of it is? He was. I did not have to do another thing AND he gave up diapers at night 2 nights later. (Yes, I know I am lucky and yes I know I am so screwed when it comes to potty training #2)

So, I think I started something that very day with the pile of fire engine books.  Now, when my son has to “go” he spends 10 minutes selecting a huge pile of books to take to the bathroom with him. Once he has removed ALL his clothes (yes, all and yes, every time and yes, even in public bathrooms….) he sits down to take care of business and when I say take of business I also mean reading through every single book in his entire stack….

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8 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Real Life Wednesday- That’s Quite a Stack…of Books!

  1. My boys stood to potty train also. We tried them sitting but they wouldn’t do it. As soon as I let them stand (which was their request since that’s how daddy did it) they were potty-trained right then. Both of mine are half-strippers. They take off their bottoms to go. Pants, shoes, socks, whatever.

  2. he he he he that makes me smile!

    My girls did the read all the books thing on the potty too.. then got up and wet their pants! *sigh* Turned out it would take them a long time to mature enough to manage toilet learning but I think it cemented their love of books good and proper, so it’s not all bad 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, my middle son is a potty stripper too. I was just wondering the other day if that meant he’d be taking the habit with him into public and no I know. I love that your little guy takes that huge stack of books in with him. Too cute!

  4. My oldest potty trained like that, books and all (but the nudity he saved for public parks and birthday parties). My second one was 3 1/2 before she’d use the potty. #3 went on what we called a “bathrooms of the world tour” and wanted to use every toilet in every location anywhere we went (with books in hand). He was 2 1/2. Same method used by us, three drastically different results.

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