Boy Mama: Alphabet Hop: A Game for Practicing Letters and Letter Sounds

Alphabet Hop Game

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Alphabet Hop

I wanted to create a game that I could use with my son to practice letter recognition AND letter sounds. I made this simple game and it was a hit!

Alphabet Hop

Materials Needed:

  • game board pages
  • computer
  • color printer
  • glue
  • one brad
  • one small paperclip

How to Make the Game:

  • Print out the game. There will be 4 pages (see below).
  • Glue the pages together vertically (as shown above).
Alphabet Hop Boy Mama Teacher Mama- Game Board 4 pages

These 4 pages are used to make the game board

How to Make the Spinner:

  • Take a paperclip and punch a small hole in the center of the spinner.
  • Open a small paperclip so it is shaped like an “s.” (see below)
  • Place the open paperclip over the hole you made and place the brad over the clip.
  • Insert the brad into the hole and open it in the back of the game board.
  • Tape the brad on the back to keep it in place.
  • You now have a spinner!
Boy Mama Teacher Mama Alphabet Hop- Spinner

Create the spinner with a paperclip and a brad

How to Play:

  • Have each player choose a playing piece (Use something from around the house. We used small plastic animals.)
  • Player one spins the spinner and advances that many spaces.
  • When the player lands on a letter, he names the letter and/or the letter sound (depending on skill level).
  • The rest of the players repeat the same steps.
  • First one to “z” is the “winner” OR once a player reaches the end, continue playing from z to a!
Alphabet Hop can now be downloaded for purchase at Teachers Pay Teachers.
Click the link below to see more details or to purchase.

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