Boy Mama: From Chopsticks to Pick-Up Sticks

We do A LOT of take-out and most of that take-out seems to be either Chinese and Thai food. As you may know, when you get take-out from these places, you almost always get wooden chopsticks.  Over the last year, we have collected what seems like a gazillion wooden chopsticks. I was bound and determined NOT to let them end up in the garbage dump. So, I searched the web and found this great idea on several different sites.

Chopstick Pick-Up Sticks

Wooden Chop Stick Pick up Sticks

Use all those chopsticks you have laying around the kitchen to create this fun game.

To Make:

  • Gather several wooden chopsticks
  • Color or paint them as you like. We just used colored markers.

To Play:

  • Hold the chopsticks in one hand with the bottoms of the sticks resting on the floor.
  • Let go and let them land where they may
  • The first player tries to remove one stick from the pile without moving any others.  If he is sucessful, he continues until he moves a stick while trying to remove one from the pile.
  • If he moves a stick while trying to remove one, his turn is over and the next player takes a turn.
  • Play until all the sticks have been removed from the pile.
  • The winner removed the most sticks from the original pile at the end of the game. 2012

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