Teacher Mama: FREE Math Printable- Roll It, Write It, Show It {After School Linky}

FREE Math Printable- Roll It, Write It, Show It  I came across this FREE printable the other day from Mrs. Carr’s Corner on Teachers Pay Teachers. I absolutely loved it and printed it out right away. I thought it would … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: FREE Subitizing Dot Cards {After School Linky}

FREE Subitizing Dot Cards What is subitizing? Subitizing is the ability to know the number of objects in a small collection without counting.  When subitizing, students form mental image of number patterns, which in turn, helps students learn to count. … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: FREE Number Recognition Games

FREE  Number Recognition Game (1-5) I have a few goals for my youngest this summer. I would like him to know his numbers 1-10 and to recognize the letters of the alphabet.  I am going to start with numbers since … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: FREE Games for Making Ten {After School Linky}

FREE Games for Making Ten I have been busily creating games to help my students practice making tens which is so important for all other math concepts. Students need to make tens for counting money, telling time, place value and … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: Skills Practice Tube {After School Linky}

Skills Practice Tube Don’t know about you, but I have about 12 empty salt containers sitting in my craft closet. I have a few ideas for them, but thought of this one in the middle of the night last night. … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: Using Ten Frames for Building Number Sense and the After School Linky

Using Ten Frames for Building Number Sense   What is Number Sense? “A well-organized conceptual framework of number information that enables a person to understand numbers and number relationships and to solve mathematical problems that are not bound by traditional … Continue reading