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FREE  Number Recognition Game (1-5)

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I have a few goals for my youngest this summer. I would like him to know his numbers 1-10 and to recognize the letters of the alphabet.  I am going to start with numbers since they tend to be easier. Numbers are easier than letters because they do not change. The number five is always the same whereas letters can be upper or lower case. I am going to focus first on the numbers 1-5 and then move on from there. I created this game as one of the activities I plan to do with him. There are a variety of ways to use the cards, but first, here is how to prepare the cards.


Download  the templates by clicking HERE.

Print the templates. One side will have a number/number word or dots the other side will be the decorative side and a guide for students to know which cards to pick when playing certain games. The backs look like this:

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Print the front and backs using the following guide:

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Once the templates are printed, cut them along the lines to create 3 decks of cards- one numbers, one number words and one with the dots.

Number Recognition Games

Here are the possible ways to match the sets of cards for the following games:

number word card to dot card

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number card to dot card

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  1-5 Recognition Game 2.jpg

number word card to number card

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  1-5 Recognition Game 2 3.jpg


Choose two of the three decks and match with the cards face up. For example, lay out the dot cards in a row on the table. Place the numeral cards in a pile. Choose the first card and have your child place the number card on top of the correct dot card. This can be done using any combination of the three sets of cards.


Play using two sets of cards like the game Memory.  For example, place all the number cards and the dot cards face down. Have your child choose on orange card and one black card and try to make a match.  Pairs of numbers should be removed from the deck until all the cards have been matched.

Object Matching

Select only the number or number word cards depending on your child’s level of understanding. Place a small pile of pennies, pom-poms or other small items on the table. Have your child choose a card, read it together, then place that number of items on the table next to the card.

Object Matching in Reverse

Select the number or number word cards.  Lay the cards down face up on the table. Place a certain number of objects in front of your child and have him select the correct number card to go with the given set of objects.

Object Matching Sets

Play the same as above, but have 5 sets of objects laid out (ie one penny, two pennies, three pennies etc) and have your child place the correct number word card or number card on the set.

What’s the Order

The cards can also be used to practice putting numbers in order.

click here to download templates


How would you use these cards?


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