Teacher Mama: FREE Big A Little a Alphabet Book {After School Linky}

Big A Little a Alphabet Book

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For years I have been meaning to do this again. I first did this alphabet book years ago (over 20 yikes!) with my preschoolers, but then everything was done by hand and hard to replicate without a copy machine and a lot of time. Now, with computers, PDFs and all that other amazing stuff, this is easy to create and share! So, if you like it, simply click on the link below and it is yours to use.

As mentioned in an earlier post, one of my goals this summer is to work on letter recognition and sounds with my youngest.  So just this week, I re-created the template for this activity and started it with my son. We have 3 letters done and will work on the rest over the summer.  My son loved it and my eldest wanted to do it as well.

Big A Little a Alphabet Book


The first step to creating this book is to read Dr. Seuss’s ABC Book: An Amazing Alphabet Book.   While reading, notice the pattern in the book. “Big A, Little a what begins with A?” Here is a sample page from the book:


After reading the book a few times and becoming familiar with the pattern, print out the templates and choose a letter to begin with. We began with Bb and are leaving the vowels for last.

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I first asked my son to tell me what letter was on the paper and what sound it made. Then, together, we read what was on the paper and wrote a B and a b.  Because of his developmental level, I write the letters first and then he traced them.  My eldest was able to write both on his own.

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I then showed him two different sets of objects. One set began with the “b” sound and the other did not. We talked about the letter sounds that begin each word and he chose the one that made the “b” sound. Bandaids in this case.

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He then used the bandaids to cover the “B” on his page. This, by the way, was a great small motor activity as well.

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We repeated the same steps throughout the week.

Big C,  Little c  What begins with C?

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Big D, Little d  What begins with D?

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Here are our first 3 pages of our book. For now, I am hanging each new page on my son’s wall above his bed. When we are done, we will bind the pages and make it into a book.

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BMTM Big A Little A

To download the templates f0r this book, click HERE.

Click the image below to download a list of suggested items to use with this activity.

BMTM Alphabet List

Font Courtesy of: 

Screen shot 2014-06-15 at 3.27.54 PM



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