FREE Valentine’s Day Bump Game

FREE Valentine’s Day Bump Game Here I go with another bump game.  This one is for Valentine’s Day.  There is not much more to say about it except, here it is! Download it for FREE by clicking HERE.. NOTE: I … Continue reading

FREE Hanukkah Addition Bump Game

FREE Hanukkah Addition Bump Game Have you seen our FREE Thanksgiving Bump game?  If you missed it, click the image below to see it and download it for FREE for next year. Since Thanksgiving has come and gone and kids … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: Thankful Turkey Craft and Writing Activity

Thankful Turkey Craft and Writing Activity   I saw this adorable Thanksgiving turkey idea in Scholastic’s Instructor Magazine (now called, Teacher). I showed it to my teaching partner and we agreed that it would be a good one to do … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: Shape Turkey FREE Printable

Shape Turkey FREE Printable   I created this activity with three things in mind: Thanksgiving, patterns and shapes all of which I am working on with my class. Creating our Shape Turkeys First, I gave each student a template of … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: FREE WInter Word Search

FREE Winter Word Search With Halloween and Thanksgiving officially over it is time to think about winter!  I created this FREE winter word search for you all. Share it with your students, your children or even your co-workers.  My students … Continue reading

Book Mama: Our Favorite Books for Hanukkah

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Our Favorite Books for Hanukkah

Our Favorite Books for Hanukkah Hanukkah comes at an unusual time this year. The first full day of Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving Day. The last time this happened was in 1888 and apparently will not happen again for another 77,798 … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: Ordinal Number Practice and After School Linky

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Teaching Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal Number Practice Ordinal numbers are fun! Kids seem to know them simply from playing games, running races and trying to get done before someone else does it first.  Aside from simply knowing who is first, second and third, students … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: Using Ten Frames for Building Number Sense and the After School Linky

Using Ten Frames for Building Number Sense   What is Number Sense? “A well-organized conceptual framework of number information that enables a person to understand numbers and number relationships and to solve mathematical problems that are not bound by traditional … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: Counting Turkey Feathers

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Counting Turkey Feathers

Counting Turkey Feathers I was inspired to make this Thanksgiving/turkey activity from something my son brought home from school. I loved the idea (and he was so proud) so I created my own version. Materials: colored paper including brown or … Continue reading