Teacher Mama: Thankful Turkey Craft and Writing Activity

Thankful Turkey Craft and Writing Activity

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Thankful Turkey (featured)


I saw this adorable Thanksgiving turkey idea in Scholastic’s Instructor Magazine (now called, Teacher). I showed it to my teaching partner and we agreed that it would be a good one to do this year.  We decided that it was a bit too much to do with all our first graders, so we simplified it just a bit. The kids did a great job with them and were really proud to take them home and share them with their loved ones.


Here is our take on this great idea:


white paper (copy paper is fine)

brown, orange, red and yellow construction paper

googly eyes


markers or colored pencils (no crayons!!)

black Sharpie


Trace a white circle on the white paper or create a template for kids to trace.

Cut construction paper into smaller pieces for easier handling.

Set out googly eyes.

Be sure each child has a glue stick, scissors and coloring materials.

How to Make the Turkeys

Have each child cut out the white circle and fold it 3 times.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Thankful Turkeys

Open up the circle and have students color each section a different color with markers or colored pencils. Crayons are too waxy for the writing step.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Thankful Turkey 2

After all sections are colored, have students create- anyway they want- the head, body, beak, feet and waddle of their turkey. We did not give students  a stencil, but instead asked them to be creative and come up with a way to make these things.

Glue the body parts on the colored circle just resting at the bottom.

Glue on googly eye.

Have students write one thing they are thankful for on each “feather.” Then, if time, have them draw a picture to go with each thing they are thankful for.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Thankful Turkey 3

They can then go over their writing with a black Sharpie so it shows easily.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Thankful Turkeys 5

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