Homework Packet and Survival Kit

Homework Packet and Survival Kit


As I plan for the new school year, I am rethinking homework. I will admit I am not a huge fan of homework and as a parent I really don’t like it. It seems to be an ongoing battle. But both as a teacher and as a parent, this is something I have to come to terms with. So, I came up with a homework helper packet to use in my classroom.

(This product is available at the following link: (Homework Helper Packet from BMTM)

Homework Helper Packet


As teachers we often assume that students know what homework is, what is expected to be done and even how to return it to school completed and on time. It helps to start with the basics always.  Here are a few ways I will start:

Parent Letter

This letter explains the roles of the teacher, the student and the parent in regards to homework.


Environment Preparation

These activities ask students to set up a place at home where they will keep and complete their homework until it is time to return it to school. Students will make a homework survival kit and create their quiet work space on paper.

student help

Homework Assignments

I will ask students to read each night (Monday-Thursday at least) for a minimum of 20 minutes. I have a few different reading logs ready to send home.

reading logs

I will also ask students to respond to what they read.  Students can choose from a variety of prompts such as these:


Learning Tools

  I will send home this bookmark for students to use when reading.

book mark

And this FREE number line for math homework.



Students will be given a pile of these tickets. When they think they have done an exceptional job on their homework, they simply attach one of the these tickets to their returned work.


Record Keeping

I will use this chart in my classroom to keep track of who has returned homework on time and completed. Students can put their initials in one box each time they return their work. Once the table is filled up, I choose 3 names using the coordinates and 3 students get a small “prize” like a pencil or an eraser.  For more information about using this form of record keeping, see our post, Simple, but Effective: Easy Homework Chart.


This product is available at the following link:

Homework Helper Packet from BMTM

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