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Easy Homework Chart


Boy Mama Teacher Mama  FREE Easy Homework Chart

As a teacher who assigns homework that has to be turned in, the chances of the whole class actually completing it and turning it on time is pretty slim.  I was always frustrated that I spent the time coming up with meaningful homework for the class and that some parents did not value it enough to sit down with their child and do it. I understand that there are always extenuating circumstances that prevent homework from being done at times, but I am talking about continual offenders.  I also felt that the children who did their homework consistently and on time should get some sort of kudos and recognition. While at a teacher’s workshop somewhere a long the way, the presenter shared this idea (or something similar) and it worked wonders! It motivated the kids who did not turn their homework in to do so and it rewarded those that did it each week.

Easy Homework Chart

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I created a chart that looks like the one above on poster board and laminated it.  Each week when it was time to turn in homework, the children handed me their work, I checked to be sure it was complete (not all correct) and they were able to put their initials in one square on the chart.  As the weeks went on, the chart began to fill up with the initials of the students in the class.

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When the chart was full, we gathered together and I had two piles face down on the floor in front of me.  In one pile was a set of cards with the letters h-o-m-e-w-o-r-k and in the second pile was a set of cards numbered 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.  I asked one student to pick a card from each pile and share them with the class.  The letter and number chosen became coordinates on the chart and whoever’s initials were in that box, was able to pick a prize from the prize box (pencils, stickers, erasers etc). I usually chose three sets of coordinates so three students “won.”

For example, using the chart above, if the coordinates w4 were chose, the winner would be C.E.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Easy Homework Chart

So, the more often homework was returned, the more times each student could add his name to the chart and had more chances he had to “win.” Even a student who only turned in one assignment in a three week period still had a chance, though less, to get a prize.  After we were done, we erased the board and started over.

Not only was this a helpful motivator for students to complete their homework, but there were quite a few skills being taught as well such as coordinates, writing initials properly and probability.

This idea can easily be adapted to the home too for chores or other household responsibilities.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Easy Homework Chart

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Easy Homework Chart

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Boy Mama Teacher Mama FREE HomeworkChore Chart

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