FREE Roll and Tally Doubles Game

FREE Roll and Tally Doubles Game


I am always looking for ways for practicing basic math facts and more specifically doubles facts.   I created this easy to use and play game to help my students practice these facts. All you need is this printable, two dice and a pencil.

Directions for Play

Student rolls two dice.

If the dice ARE NOT doubles, the student then rolls again.

If the dice ARE doubles, the student should add the two dice together and put a tally in the correct column. For example, if the student rolls 2 + 2, she puts a tally in the 4 column.

Students can complete the doubles problems before playing to help with the game or do it when they complete the game.

This game can be played individually or with a partner. Great for math centers too!

Click HERE to download your FREE Roll and Tally Doubles Game

Click the image below for more doubles fun!


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