Boy Mama: FREE Tooth Fairy Certificate

FREE Tooth Fairy Certificate

Boy Mama Teacher Mama FREE Tooth Fairy Certificate (featured)


My youngest lost his first tooth!! I had forgotten how dramatic the first loose tooth can be.  It only took about a day and a half to fall out so the drama didn’t last too long.  His tooth finally  fell out when he was dancing to the Gummy Bear song at school.

As soon as the tooth fell out, I had to quickly go into tooth fairy mode and figure out what to she would leave for him that night.  I searched  the internet and came across a few versions of this first tooth lost certificate. I thought it was perfect so I created one of my own and today I am sharing it with all of you!

Sorry the picture is not the best…

Boy Mama Teacher Mama FREE Tooth Fairy Certificate

The certificate is pretty small- tooth fairy size of course!

After printing the certificate, I rolled it up and tied a matching green ribbon around it.  After my son was asleep, I left the certificate with 4 quarters by his bedside.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama FREE Tooth Fairy Certificate 2

Along with his tooth as per his request…

Boy Mama Teacher Mama FREE Tooth Fairy Certificate 3

Update: He was rather disappointed that the tooth fairy did not bring him a husky stuffed animal….

To download the FREE Tooth Fairy Certificate, click the HERE.

(For years 2016, 2017 and 2018)

Screen shot 2016-01-29 at 6.00.36 PM

Looking for other tooth fairy ideas?


And for the classroom….

Boy Mama Teacher Mama FREE End of the Year Tooth Graph (featured).jpg

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2 thoughts on “Boy Mama: FREE Tooth Fairy Certificate

  1. This is adorable!! My son has lost 4. It’s such an exciting time for both of us! I love finding resources that drive his imagination about the tooth fairy. I’d like to share this when I write again about his next tooth lose experience if I may? Also there is a letter responding to requests of “keeping teeth” on my last tooth fairy post. BUT if you decide to make one of your own please let me share it! This first tooth certificate is adorable!! Thanks a ton!

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