Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Birthday Party

I have been putting off writing this post for some reason,  but now as I am flying high above the US with a few hours on my hands, I am determined to get it done! My son requested a Paw Patrol birthday party and that is just what he had. I have shared a few posts previously. If you click on the image or the title it will take you to the post. Below you will find the rest of the details from the party. If you would like any templates, please feel free to email me and I will gladly send them along.


I created this invitation for the party. I printed it on card stock and mailed it out with a single stamp.  The top half of the photo shows the invitation and the second half is where I addressed each invite to the guests. I also printed our return address on the top left hand corner.

boy mama teacher mama Paw Patrol Birthday party invitations



I saw this idea somewhere on Pinterest and loved it so much that I recreated it for the party and added my own twist. The fire hoses are simply red licorice and the fetch sticks are pretzel rods. The dog bones are explained below. Click HERE to download food and drink labels.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Party 6

For the “doggy water,” I  just added a bit of blue food coloring to the water and at my son’s request, a few strawberry flavored ice cubes.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol PArty 7

I used my favorite homemade goldfish cracker recipe to make these “dog bones.”

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Party

Paw Patrol Pinata

A pinata was high on my son’s list for his party. I had two concerns with a pinata. One, they are so expensive and two I do not like sending all that candy home.  To solve this problem, we made our own pinata from a box we had in our garage and instead of candy, we filled the pinata with Paw Patrol goodies and Matchbox cars. Problem solved. 🙂

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Pinata (featured)


For the goody bags, I bought white paper bags and printed the labels on sticker paper and attached one to each bag. Click HERE to download the goody bag templates.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Party Bags


Each bag contained some Paw Patrol goodies I found at our local Dollar Store and at a local party store. I included the Paw Patrol Memory Game I created as well. The last addition was the dog bone gummies I bought online.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Party Bags 2

Paw Patrol Printable Memory Game

This game was a fun addition to our goody bags.  We did the same for our Octonauts party a few years ago.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama FREE Paw Patrol Printable Cards (featured)


Paw Patrol Find the Badge Game

Boy Mama Teacher Mama FREE Paw Patrol Find the Badge Printable Game (featured)

Pin the Badge on Zuma

I enlarged and printed out this picture of Zuma and hung it on our door. I also copied and cut out several copies of Zuma’s badge. And then we played, Pin the Badge on Zuma.


Make Your Own Koosh Ball

Aside from the games we played, we also did some water play. I had the kids each make their own sponge koosh balls before jumping in the pool. I cut up the sponges and some string, showed the kids how to make them and set to work. They needed some help tying the string, but loved picking their own colors and playing with them.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Party 5



To make the cake, I followed the steps laid out in our post, A Trashy Celebration, only this time cutting the cakes in the shape of a badge. To create the shape, I printed a badge image on a piece of paper, printed it out and cut around it like a template.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Party Cake

 I then iced it with blue icing.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Cake

I then used another paper badge I enlarged and printed and cut out the paw shapes. I placed it on the cake and used a toothpick to trace the shapes.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Cake 2

Then, I filled in the shapes with white frosting and the cake was done!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Cake 3

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Party Candles

 Even our Pugs got in on the fun!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Paw Patrol Pugs

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53 thoughts on “Paw Patrol Birthday Party

  1. My grandchildren are crazy about Paw Patrol. I try to do crafty, unique things for them and mail to them since we live a long distance. We already had a 2 year old Paw Patrol birthday party before I found your post, but I love the badges in Find the Paw Patrol badges. I am using them to decorate a Potty Prize box for my grandson’s potty training adventure & will laminate them & use as tokens or for other projects. Thank you!

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  4. Hello! Would it be possible to get the food/water labels? I have been trying to make some for my son’s 5th birthday and nothing I have tried has looked that wonderful! I’d greatly appreciate it!

  5. Hello. I was wondering if I could get the template for the food labels please and thank you. I have been looking for labels and I love yours!

  6. Awww water a paw-rific Birthday! I will planning my sons Paw Patrol birthday and could really use your templates. Any chance you can send me them so I can customize it for my son….
    I would really appreciate it!

  7. Such a cute party. Thanks so much for sharing! If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love a copy of the scavenger hunt badges.
    Thanks so much!

  8. Hey, I love these ideals. I’m getting ready for my son 5th birthday and he loves Paw Patrol. Are you still sending the information out?

  9. What a fantastic job you did for your little guy’s birthday! Thank you for sharing these paw-some ideas! ;o) I would love to use your birthday invitation template if you are willing to share it. Many thanks in advance. -Paula

  10. I loved your ideas! My son is turning 2 and adores Paw Patrol! Could you please send the templates to me as well? They will be a huge hit for his party! =)

  11. Hi. Thanks for the creative ideas. Im gonna try the koosh balls this Saturday for my youngest son’s 5th birthday. We are all paw patrol fans here. Hoping you might be able to share your templates for the food and water. These decor items really add to the fun. Thanks.

  12. I love your ideas, my son is having a paw patrol party next month. I would love to print off the labels for the buckets of snacks…

  13. I LOVE all of your adorable PAW Patrol party ideas and can’t wait to use them myself! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!
    I, too, would appreciate it if you would be willing to share your food/water signs. They are super-cute, too!
    Thanks again! The kids are going to love this!

  14. I’m doing a Paw Patrol birthday party for my nephew and I would like to know where you got your fire hose, fetching sticks, and dog bone templates at.

  15. Hi, I would love a copy of your templates. I am trying to do a Paw Patrol party for both of my kids (their birthdays are 1 week apart). Thanks so much 🙂

  16. I would like a template foe the invitations and one for the goody bags or if possible all templates for the birthday party. My grandson is so excited to have a paw patrol birthday party. thank you so much for all the great ideas

  17. Hi!
    I would to buy or use your food labels…so cute! Would you ever be game to share the artwork? Also, i can’t seem to find where to get the “Free Printable Badges”…would love to use those as well! Thanks so much! (I’m a mother of 4 boys…so excited to check out more of what you have!)

  18. For the note badges you put on the goodie bags…how did you get the symbols out of them to write in them? I have a paw patrol nut and will use this for his upcoming bday. Btw thank you for some great stuff

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