Boy Mama: Sponge Koosh Balls

Sponge Koosh Balls

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Sponge Koosh Balls

I have seen these sponge koosh balls all over the internet and decided to try making some of our own. They were super easy to make, very colorful and will come in handy both in the tub and in the backyard on hot days. The hardest part of making the sponge koosh balls? Remembering to buy sponges at the store.  Took me three trips to remember!

Visual directions for making a sponge koosh balls can be found on a whole bunch of different blogs, but the original seems to be credited to Martha of course.  Basically cut your sponges vertically about an inch or so wide and tie them tightly together around the middle. It took a little fiddling with to make it look “right,” but I imagine the more it is played with the better it will get. I only made two, but will probably end up with a whole bunch of them by the end of summer so all the neighborhood kids can have their own to play with. 🙂

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Sponge Koosh Balls

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  4. How fun to make these this summer! Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library. I have featured this fun idea at Pounds4Pennies this week. Stop by to add more fun links to our ultimate guide to summer fun linky party. We look forward to seeing you this week.

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