Teacher Mama: FREE Watch Glyph

FREE Watch Glyph

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  FREE Watch Glyph (featured)

Created this FREE Watch Glyph the other day to do with my first graders.  To download, simply click an image below.


Print out the templates onto card stock.

Screen shot 2015-05-19 at 6.51.05 PM

Print a copy of the instructions for yourself.

Screen shot 2015-05-19 at 6.57.22 PM


Give each student a copy of the template to work on.

Before beginning the actual glyph, have students use the big circle to create the clock face using the light grey lines as guides.  The 12 should be at the top, the 6 at the bottom etc.

Once the clock face is done go through each direction, one at a time, and have students complete the drawings on the template. For example, students color and cut the minute hand and glue it pointing to the number of the month of their birthday. The example below points to 10 which is for an October birthday.

Continue with all the directions, cutting and gluing as you go until all directions have been followed and each glyph looks similar to this:

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  FREE Watch Glyph

Interpreting the Data

After all the glyphs are complete, lay them out in front of the group and ask questions like the following:

How many students have birthdays in _________? (name a month)

How many students are ____ years old?

How many students are ____ years old AND have birthdays in ______? (name a month)

How many students like summer best? Winter? Fall? Spring?

How many students are morning people? Night people?

How many students who like summer are also night people?

That’s it! Have fun!!

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