Teacher Mama: +10 Baseball Math Game {After School Linky}

+10 Baseball Math Game

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  10+ Baseball Math Game (featured)

We are working on our 10 facts in my class.  Being about to count by 10s and count on from 10 is imperative for understanding place value.  I am really driving this concept home this week. The kids are really good at it and this game has only made them stronger- plus it’s a lot of fun to play.

Note: Not all kids know how to play baseball so a bit of an overview of how the game is played may be in order!!


templates (available HERE)



card stock or other heavy paper

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  +10 Baseball Game


Print templates.  The game board, cards and playing piece baseball hats are best printed on card stock or other heavier paper for durability.  The scoreboard can be printed on regular paper unless you choose to laminate it and use it over and over.

Copy the baseball background paper on the back of the number cards and cut them apart.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  +10 Baseball Math 8

Cut out the baseball hat playing pieces.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  +10 Baseball Math 7

Preparing for Play

Before beginning be sure students understand basically how baseball works.

Players choose a baseball hat for their playing piece and decide which player is “home” and which is “visitor.”

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  +10 Baseball Math 4

Place cards face down on the table. Place the scoreboard on the table as well with a pencil or marker.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  +10 Baseball Math 5

Playing the Game

Player one places his/her baseball hat on home plate. S/he then picks a card from the pile and adds that number to 10. If their answer is correct, they advance to first base. If they are not correct they wait where they are for their next turn. Player two then repeats the same steps.

Once a player makes it around the bases and back to home plate, s/he puts a tally next to “home” or “visitors” depending on which team they are playing for.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  +10 Baseball Math 9

Play continues until someone reaches a certain number or runs scored or when the play period is over.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  +10 Baseball Math 6

This game is available at the following link:

+10 Baseball Math Game from BMTM

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