Teacher Mama: Superfriend Vowel Consonant Game

Superfriend Vowel Consonant Game

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Superfriend Vowel Consonant Game

In a previous post, I shared our classroom Superfriend Vowels. The idea has taken off ! We are having a blast with it AND learning a lot.  We graphed the Superfriend Letters in our names and even created our own Superfriend Vowel figures.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Superhero Vowels (featured)

So, sticking with the superhero theme, I recreated a game I made last year and shared in our post Vowel Consonant Spin Game Game.  

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Teaching Vowels and Consonants to ChildrenThe game is played exactly the same way, but the look is different. For directions for play, click on the link above.

 Here is what the new superfriend version looks like.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Superfriend Vowel Consonant Spin Game

This game is available at the following link:

Superfriend Vowel Consonant Game from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

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