Teacher Mama: Teaching Vowels and Consonants to Children

Teaching Vowels and Consonants to Children

with the Vowel and Consonant Spin (or grab) Game

Knowing the difference between a vowel and a consonant is an important part of learning to read and write.  As a reminder vowels are a, e, i, o, u and sometimes y and consonants are all the other letters in the alphabet. For the sake of this activity, y will not be considered a vowel.

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Vowel and Consonant Spin Game

This game is a fun way to teach vowels and consonants to children. All you need are the templates and a little time! The letters can be used with this game and many others.


templates available here


metal fastener (brad)

optional: glue and cardboard for mounting the spinner

Preparing the Game

Print the templates, cut out the letters and cut out and assemble the spinner. Print as many sorting mats as you have players.


The letters will look like this (above). The sorting mats look like this (below).


To assemble the spinner, cut it out, mount it on cardboard (if desired) and attach spinner with a metal fastener.


How to Play 

Each player gets a vowel/consonant sorting mat.

 Place all the letter cards face up in a random order.

 Players take turns spinning the spinner and selecting either a vowel or consonant determined by their spin. Players place the letter on the correct side of their sorting chart.



Other Ways to Play

Instead of using the spinner, place the letter cards face down. Players take turns “grabbing” a letter and placing it in the correct column on the sorting chart.

 Try quick sorting the letter cards into the correct columns.

 Print two sets of cards. Separate the vowel cards and 5 consonant cards of your choice then use the cards to play games like Go Fish, Memory or Old Maid. Example would be 2 of each vowel and 10 different consonant so a player might say, “Do you have a vowel?” Or match two consonants/two vowels in Memory.

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This game is available at the following link:

Vowel and Consonant Spin (and Grab) from BMTM

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