Teacher Mama: 2 Books about Tally Marks

 2 Books about Tally Marks

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  2 Books about Tally Marks

I was looking for books about using tally marks. There really are not that many out there. Note to self: write a book about using tallies 😉 I did, however, come across two books that I have used in the past and will continue to use.  Here they are!

Tally O’Malley (MathStart) by Stuart J. Murphy


The O’Malleys are off to the beach.The drive is long and the day is hot, what can the O’Malley kids to do pass the time? Play the tally game of course! They can tally the number of gray cars or green t-shirts they see. And, the one with the most tallies at the end wins.  Big brother and big sister each have a win, but little brother never seems to win… or will he?

Tally Cat Keeps Track (Math Fun!) by Trudy Harris


Tally McNally loves to tally. He tallies all sorts of contests- who wins the most races or who can climb the most trees. When all the tallies are counting, though, Tally is always the winner. One day, when tally competes in the wettest cat contest, something goes wrong when he goes too far.  Will his friends who always lose to him, step up and find a way to save him?

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