Teacher Mama: Ten Frame Bingo

Ten Frame Bingo

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Ten Frame Bingo (featured)


Another ten frame game for you all! Loving this game I created last night for my first graders. Each student created their own ten frame bingo board, we grabbed some bingo chips and played several rounds of ten frame bingo.  Another huge hit with my first graders!!

Ten Frame Bingo



colored markers or pencils



bingo chips


Students color in the blank ten frames with the numbers 0-9 or 1-10. Some of my students used circles to fill in the ten frames while others used hearts and stars. I did ask that they use only one color per frame to make number recognition easier.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Ten Frame Bingo

After the ten frames were completed, students cut out 9 of the frames from their paper.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Ten Frame Bingo 2

They then glued the 9 frames onto their own bingo board in a random order.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Ten Frame Bingo 3

Once the boards were ready, it was time to play!

Playing Ten Frame Bingo

Give each student 9 bingo chips.  Shuffle the the number cards and place them in a pile. Have the caller call out one number at a time until students call out “BINGO!” or “BLACKOUT!” Students can play over and over using their own bingo card, or swap with a friend to get even more practice.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Ten Frame Bingo 4

This game is available at the following link:

Ten Frame Bingo from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

The template above also includes pre-made ten frame bingo cards as well.  See photo below for a sneak peak:

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Ten Frame Bingo 6

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  2. Hi there,
    I purchased your ten frame bingo game tonight from TpT, but it didn’t include a blank template for students to create their own boards? I plan to use this tomorrow, so now I will have to use the ten frames already filled out, then white out the circles? Was the template supposed to have been included that were blank? Please let me know. Thank you.

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