Teacher Mama: Short Vowel Memory Game

Short Vowel Memory Game

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Templates (see image below)


Card stock

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Print the templates. Print one colored background on the back of the pictures cards and the other background on the back of the short vowel sound cards. This allows students to choose one purple and one pink card when trying to get a match which makes their card selections a little more focused.

Cut the cards apart.

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How to Play

Use the cards to play a memory game where students match a picture to the short vowel card OR match two pictures together that have the same short vowel sound.

Matching picture with short vowel sound:

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Matching two pictures with the same short vowel sound:

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 Other ways to use your short vowel cards:

Memory (Concentration): Lay all cards face down. Choose two cards and place them face up. If the time and the clock face match, the player keeps those cards. If the cards do not match, flip the cards back over and the next player takes his turn.

Go Fish: Deal out 4 cards to each player.  Place the rest of the cards in a pile in the center of the playing area.  Player 1 asks player 2 if they have a certain time (from their hand of cards)- it may be a clock face or a written time.  If player 2 has the matching card, he gives it to player 1. If not, the player 1 takes a card from the pile and adds it his hand and player 2 takes his turn.

Old Maid:  Remove one card from the pile. It’s matching card is now the “Old Maid” card.  Deal out all the cards and remove all pairs from your hand.  Player 1 offers his “hand” to player 2 who chooses one card. If that card makes a match, pull out the pair. If it does not make a match, the player adds that card to his hand.  Continue until the only card left is the “Old Maid.”  The player holding the “Old Maid” at the end of the game “loses.”

Snap: Deal out the entire deck of cards to the players.  Each player places one card in the center at the same time.  When the cards match, the first player to say, “Snap!” gets to keep both cards.  The player with the most cards at the end of the game “wins.”

This game is available at the following link:

Short Vowel Memory Game from BMTM

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