Teacher Mama: Five Short Vowel Games

Five Short Vowel Games

Here are 5 short vowel games (one for each vowel) I created to help students practice these sounds.  Each vowel has its own board, but the spinner, cards and recording sheet can be used with all the games.

Here is a sneak peak of the short u  game:

Top Left: Spinner, Top Right: Game Cards

Bottom Left: Recording Sheet, Bottom Right: Game Board

Here is how to play the short vowel games:

  • Choose a game. Shuffle the cards. Select playing pieces.
  • Player spins and goes that many spaces.
  • Player then picks a card and read the word created. For example, if a player lands on “ump” and pick a card with “l.” He says “lump.”
  • OPTION: Have players use the recording sheet on page and write real words in the “real word” column and nonsense words in the “nonsense word” column.
That’s it! It is that simple.  If you like these games and would like a copy for yourself, see the following link:   
Other Short Vowel Activities from BMTM:

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