Teacher Mama: Short Vowel Flip Book

Short Vowel Flip Book

short vowels

This is one of my very favorite short vowel activities.  I will preface that by saying I did NOT invent this idea. You will find it all over the web in variety of forms and formats. I did, however, create my own version of this activity to share with you all.  I have created the necessary templates to create this flipbook and if you are interested in purchasing them click here.

What you need:

  • a computer and printer
  • scissors
  • glue
  • stapler
  • colored paper for covers

Mama’s Directions: 

  1. Print templates
  2. Cut where indicated on each page. Be sure when cutting near the thick, grey lines that you cut just above the top of the line where indicated by the arrow. This is where your staples will be.
  3. Cut out a front cover and a back cover using colored paper. Use the cut template pieces to determine the size and shape of the cover pieces.
  4. Stack all the template strips between the two pieces of colored paper.
  5. Staple severals times at the top.
  6. Open the book and cut along the vertical lines on each page. Stop cutting when you reach the fold on each page.
  7. Cut out the provided book cover (Short Vowel Flip Book) and glue it on the front of the book.
  8. The book is now done!

Cut these templates. Use the arrows to guide you. When cutting at the thick, grey lines, cut just at the top or slightly above the grey area.

Cut templates- Short Vowel Flip Book

Your templates should now look like this.

Short Vowel Flip Book with cover

Cut out two pieces of paper for the cover using the template pieces as a guide to how big they should be. Stack the cut templates in between two cover pieces and staple several times at the top.

Short Vowel Flip Book- cut pages

Open the book and carefully cut vertically along the dotted lines on each page. Take care to cut only to where the book is stapled so your book doesn’t fall apart.

Short Vowel Flip Book Cover and Complete

Cut out the provided book cover (or create your own) and glue it to the front of the book.

How to use the flip book:

  • Allow your child to handle the book and make some guesses about what it might be for.
  • Model how the book is used.  Open the book and flip each flap until you have three letters.  Point to the first letter and say its sound, point to the second letter and say its sound then point to the third letter and say its sound. Finally, sweeping your finger from the first letter to the second letter to the third letter, blend the sounds and read the word.
  • Repeat the above a few times, flipping the pages between each turn.
  • Then, have your child give it a go!  He should follow the same steps you did- say each sound and then blend them together.
  • Make sure to have a big giggle when reading the nonsense words. It makes the activity even more fun! (Note: Decoding nonsense words is one way to see how skillful your child is a decoding unknown words)
Other ways to use this book:
  • Have him flip the pages and YOU sound out the words.
  • As you uncover new words, write them down on pre-cut slips of paper. After you get 7 or 8 words, try sorting them with your child. See how your child sorts them before suggesting other ways. You might be surprised!
  • Some ways to sort the word are: by beginning letter sound, final letter sound, short vowel sound, meaning, or category (tools, animals etc).  It is fine to have several different sorts within a list if that is what makes sense to your child.
  • Have your child illustrate each word.
  • Make a list of the nonsense words you discovered and make up a funny meaning for them! Then try them out!
To purchase the templates for the Short Vowel Flip book, click the link below:
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