Boy Mama: Almost a Fire Fighter Party

Almost a Fire Fighter Party

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Almost a Fire Fighter Party

My youngest turns 4 in a few weeks and for the LONGEST time all he wanted was a fire fighter birthday party. I was pretty excited because there are so many great things that can be done with that theme. And just as I was beginning the planning, he said, “Nope! No fireman party.”  I have to say, I was a bit bummed. Bummed because of all the ideas swimming around in my head and even more bummed because I had already designed the invitations, the fire fighter badges and a game.  So, there will be no fire fighter party this year, but here are a few of the things I created and even a freebie for your little fire fighter.

I spent hours designing all the details of this fire fighter badge. I am a bit of a perfectionist and could not find exactly the right one out there so I created this. I am considering blowing this up and framing it anyway. 🙂

Boy Mama Teacher Mama |  Almost a Fire Fighter Party

From the badge came the invitations. (front and back)

Boy Mama Teacher Mama |  Almost a Fire Fighter Party

Then came the cool dice game I made up.  First I made a die from a milk carton. For instructions for making the die, see the following link,  How to Make a Giant Die from a Paper Carton. I then covered the die with red paper.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama |  Almost a Fire Fighter Party

I printed out the above template, cut out each command and glued them onto the die.  Finally, I covered each side with clear packing tape for durability.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama |  Almost a Fire Fighter Party

The game was then ready for the party, but since there will be no party, I am sharing this with you all. Simply click the template image to download.  Here is how to play:

Have the children stand in a line.  Designate an area for the station and one area  for the fire.  Roll the die and have the children do what it says. For example, if the die lands on “sound the sirens,” every one makes a siren noise.  If the die lands on “back to the station,” the kids have to run to the designated station area.

That’s it! Enjoy!

More firefighter ideas from BMTM:

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  4. What an absolutely wonderful idea for a 4th birthday party! Let’s hope in 2 1/2 years time my son wants a fireman party, I’ll know where to come! Thanks for linking up with The Multitasking Mummy – Mummy Mondays!

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