Boy Mama: Under the Sea Art

Under the Sea Art 


I was going through my craft closet and came across a few packages of unused craft supplies:


(Glitter Foam Stickers, Ocean and Glitter Shakers courtesy of

I asked myself–“What can we make with these great craft items?”  Then it came to me — a watercolor-y, glitter-y, foam-y sea creature filled underwater scene! I grabbed a stretched canvas I had leftover from another project and some water colors and we set to painting our ocean. My son first painted the water, then added the sandy ocean floor and finally some seaweed.


When he was done painting the background, we set it aside to dry for a while before moving onto the next step.


Once the canvas was dry, my son added the Glitter Foam Stickers to his ocean scene.

PicMonkey Collage

He then added all sorts of details including a few crabs and an underwater volcano.


Then it was time for the glitter. We used Glitter Shakers for the first time and they were amazing. There was far more glitter ON the canvas than on the floor which never happens.  The Glitter Shakers are small and easy for little hands to control.

PicMonkey CollageglitterAnd then the masterpiece was complete.


My youngest had a great time with the Glitter Shakers as well.


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