Teacher Mama: Popcorn Reading: A Reading Aloud Tool

Popcorn Reading:  A Reading Aloud Tool

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Popcorn Reading

I first read about “popcorn reading” years ago.  Popcorn reading is a way for a group to read aloud without the teacher calling on students to take a turn. Basically here is how it works.  One student begins reading. He reads for a bit- a “reasonable” amount is what I tell my students-and when he or she is done, he or she says, “Popcorn!” and then chooses another classmate to read. The trick is that person must have been following along or she cannot take a turn and someone else is “popcorn-ed.”  My students love this and I love it too. It puts reading aloud in their hands and allows me to sit back to observe, record and even to participate.

I am a very visual person and I know many kids are too. So, I created these “popcorn kernels” to use during popcorn reading time.  I give each student a kernel and they lay it face-up in front of them.  After each child reads, he flips the kernel over signaling to the others that he has already had a turn. When all the kernels are turned over and everyone has had a turn, we all flip them back over and start again.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Popcorn Reading: A Reading Aloud Tool

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Popcorn Reading

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Popcorn Reading

These popcorn kernels and much more can be found at our TPT Store. Click the following link for more information.

Popcorn Reading Kernels from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

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