Boy Mama: 7 Uses for a Pringles Can

7 Uses for a Pringles Can

boy mama teacher mama: 7 uses for a pringles can

For those of you who have been following Boy Mama Teacher Mama for a while probably figured out that I have a thing for Pringles’ cans. Not sure why, but something about them appeals to me and I love to make things with them.  That said, I now present…7 Things to Make with Pringles Cans!

Important Notes:

  • Before beginning any of these projects make sure your can is clean and dry.
  • Projects may use either a large or small size Pringles can.
  • Ideas that come from previous Boy Mama Teacher Mama posts have a link to the original post for directions and further details.

Number One

Pringles Can Instrument

I got this idea from Learning4Kids post,  Tin Can Music Makers.

 Here is how we did it:

  • Clean and dry a large size Pringles can.
  • Put 1/4 to 1/2 cup of rice (or peas, beans, popcorn kernals etc) in the can.
  • Cut the end off a balloon and stretch it to cover the top of the can.
  • Cut strips of paper and glue them to the can. I chose simple, bold stripes, but you can use any shapes, colors or materials you like to decorate the can.
  • Enjoy!

Number Two

Pringles Can Pencil/Marker/Crayon Holders

Using three small sized Pringles’ cans, I created these writing utensils holders. I printed the template and glued them to the cans.  I have a fourth label for scissors ready and waiting, but need to eat some more chips first…. 🙂

Number Three

Dice in a Can

When there are 18 children playing dice games, this keeps the classroom a whole lot quieter and no stray dice!

  Teacher Mama: Simple and Silent (almost): Dice in a Can.

Number Four 

Word Family Practice Tube

A fun way for your beginning reader to practice word families.

Teacher Mama: Word Family Practice Tube

Number Five

Number Practice Tube

Great for practice reading one and two digit numbers.

Teacher Mama: Number Practice Tube

Number Six

Homemade Pick-Up Sticks Container

Boy Mama: From Chopsticks to Pick-Up Sticks

Number Seven

Place Value Practice Tube

A great way to practice place value!

Teacher Mama: Another Use for a Pringles Can…Place Value!

Here are some other ideas from around the web…

Glittering Muffins shares a UK Post Box Bank

Busy Kids = Happy Mom shares a Give Save Spend Bank for Kids


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