Guest Mama: Fruit Match Up Game from mama♥miss

Part 2 from mama♥miss. How awesome are these?!?!  Oh how I wish I had a printer….

Fruit Match Up Game from mama♥miss


Why hello there Boy Mama Teacher Mama readers!  I’m back today with another free printable to go with yesterday’s Fruit Flash Cards.

So, today is day two of Fruit Fun Freebies – YAY!  I have for you three little activities for your little one.

  • Game board & Word Circles = cut out the word circle pieces & match to the corresponding fruits on the Game Board.
  • Game board & Color Circles = cut out the color circle pieces & match to the corresponding fruit colors on the Game Board.
  • Fruit Match Up = cut out all 20 squares, mix them up, turn them over face down and find the matching pairs.
Boy Mama Teacher Mama: fruit match up game from mamamiss
Click each image to download
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