Guest Mama: Fruit Flashcards from mama♥miss

I am so honored to have Melissa from mama♥miss  guest posting today on BMTM. I love her site (and she is a pretty wonderful person).  After you read this post, please hop on over to mama♥miss and check out her site. While you are there, don’t miss her recipe for Cotton Candy Playdough.  Now that I am back in the States, cotton candy scented flavoring is at the top of my shopping list!!!

Fruit Flashcards from mama♥miss

Why hello there Boy Mama Teacher Mama readers!  I am so glad to be here with all of you & glad I can help out Stephanie a little during her move.

My name is Melissa and you can find me over at my little blog, mama♥miss.  I am a mama of two, my little girl V, who just turned three, and my little boy T who is 17mths.

One of the things I love the most is to create printable freebies for my readers to enjoy.  So, that is what I have here for you today as well!  Make sure you stick around for tomorrow too, because it is part two of Fruit Fun Freebies!

Currently my little miss, spends a very long time eating (I am sure if you are a parent you can certainly understand).  Due to here extended time at the table lollygagging, I’ve created food related printables in the past.  But today, I have something brand spanking new just for BMTM readers.  These printables are designed by me and are free for your personal or classroom use only.  For today, I have these 1-10 fruit flash cards.  These flash cards are great for number recognition, fruit recognition, color recognition, counting, and matching (if you print out two copies).  I hope you like them as much as I liked making them!

These flashcards are best printed out on heavy cardstock.  Ours are also laminated (clear contact paper works just as well), to stand the test of toddler time.

All pages are in PDF form and are watermark free once printed. Click on the image to download.


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17 thoughts on “Guest Mama: Fruit Flashcards from mama♥miss

  1. These are beautiful – thank you for sharing. Although I’m having trouble downloading the first one (with 9 and 10). It seems to link to the 1-4.

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  5. Cute printables Stephanie & Melissa! 🙂 I love Melissa’s printables; she’s so talented!
    Hope you are having a great start to your week!
    Mackenzie 🙂

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