Boy Mama: Simple and Delicious–m&m Cookies

I have said this before- I am not big on posting recipes simply because that is not my thing, but when I come across something good, I feel the need to share.

I found this recipe for m&m Cookies from The Joy of Baking about a year ago and have been making it religiously ever since. I love how simple the recipe is and how good the cookies taste. I also like that fact that the ingrediants are always in my house so if there is a cookie emergency of any kind, I am prepared! The recipe calls for adding m&ms or Smarties.  I have added m&ms, frosted them and left them plain and they are all equally as tasty.

For the recipe click this link–m&m cookies

My eldest and I whipped up a batch this afternoon. He wants to make “cookie pizzas” tomorrow.  He is quite the little baker! He knows how and when to scrape down the sides of the bowl, can measure and level off flour and can use the measuring spoons properly. Today was a big day because he finally used the electric hand mixer on his own and did very well.

Next lesson? Cracking eggs…

My favorite part is licking the beaters and I seemed to have passed that liking along to my boys. 🙂

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