Boy Mama: The Very Hungry Caterpillar: A Puzzle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: A Puzzle


The Very Hungry Caterpillar has made a comeback in our home. My son’s kindy class performed the story at their class assembly a week or so ago so we have been having fun with the story again.  Yesterday we decided to make BIG caterpillar so we go out our paints, paper and sponges and set to work.


  • sponges
  • various shades of green paint for the body
  • red, orange and yellow paint for the head
  • paper circles
  • brown pipe cleaners
  • four ovals cut from paper for the eyes two of which are slightly smaller than the other two

Mama’s Directions

We had 3 people working on this project. We each painted 2 circles using the various shades of green paint. My son painted the head using the red, yellow and orange paints.  He also painted the larger ovals yellow-ish and the smaller ovals green to create the eyes. Allow to dry.

Cut brown pipe cleaners into fourths.  Bend the bottom of each piece to form the caterpillar’s legs

Cut another brown pipe cleaner in thirds. Using two of the three pieces, bend the pipe cleaner in half, but leave an open space in the middle to form the antennae.

Your Very Hungry Caterpillar puzzle is now done. Give your child the parts and have him create his own caterpillar!

Putting the Puzzle Together

Both my boys really enjoyed the puzzle.  With their age difference, it was quite interesting to see how they each went about putting the caterpillar together and what it looked like at the end…. 🙂

A Few Other Caterpillar Ideas

After the assembly, the class had a celebration and parents were invited to bring in something for the kids to eat.  Since cupcakes are always a hit, we made these VERY SIMPLE caterpillar cupcakes.

We put the cupcakes in Ziploc bags and added a label to each bag.

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