Boy Mama: Simple and Silky: From Thread to Spider Web

Simple and Silky: From Thread to Spider Web

I was doing some sewing when my youngest discovered a spool of white thread. His first idea was to unroll as much of the thread as possible and cut it into small pieces. He then decided that the thread would make a great spider web- which it did! He made a few webs of his own and then cut them to pieces. Then I made a few which he cut to pieces as well.

Finally it was nap time and I put him in his bed. While he was sleeping, I created a really cool spider web to surprise him when he woke up. I added a spider I made from paper.  I also took some straws, cut them into about 2 inch pieces then cut a slit in them from one end to the other. I then placed the straws in various spots on the web.  When he woke, well, you can just imagine how elated he was.  And surprisingly, the first thing he did was not cut the web, but instead played with the straw pieces and the spider for a bit. Then out came the scissors and we said goodbye to our web.

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14 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Simple and Silky: From Thread to Spider Web

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  4. I love when inspiration just hits. This is a wonderful, simple activity I will be doing with the girls. I’m about to do a post on a spider web pretend play and obstacle course. I’ll try to remember to link to this too.

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